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Here at Kambo Market we strive to make many products such as Kambo, Rapé, Kuripes, Jewelry and other sacred items available for all those who wish to experience them.


Upon traveling to Peru the first time, it was shocking to discover the wealth of beautiful locally handcrafted items available for sale in small markets that were not available anywhere online. We hope to bring the art and culture of the Amazon Rainforest to the hands of people all over the world. Working with a local shaman and other craftsmen and women we are able to support their culture while sharing the incredible benefits of these items to people all over the globe.

We hope you enjoy our products!

-Jeanae and Matt


Plant Medicine


New Life Aya is a retreat center located in the mountains of Costa Rica offering 5 and 7 day programs.  


At New Life Aya, our mission is to provide compassionate retreat program options to others who are seeking to restore balance to their lives through spiritual and personal healing. Retreat includes 2 or 3 traditional shamanic ceremonies, Kambo(optional) yoga, a massage and a trip to a local waterfall. Spacing is limited for retreats to 9 participants per week to be sure each individual can be provided proper attention and support during such a personal and profound experience.

If you are interested in a plant medicine retreat or would like to find out more about more, please visit New Life Aya.


All of our beautifully handcrafted necklaces are sourced from local men and women in Iquitos, Peru. Each item includes a stone or jewel ranging from black tourmaline to pyrite, amethyst to quartz.  Necklaces also include a crosscut from a baby ayahuasca vine, displaying an intricate flower pattern in the center of the vine.


Kambo is a natural non-psychedelic medicine made from the secretions of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog and is used to treat a variety of ailments. It is best known for its natural antibiotic, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties but is also used to address infections, depression, blood circulation, to cure pain and to boost the immune system. It acts a strong detoxification process and helps clear the body of energy blockages. 


All of our textiles are sourced from local markets in Iquitos Each cloth is uniquely hand made and hand stitched. The images and patterns on the fabric represent 'Icaros' or medicine songs that are sung during ayahuasca ceremonies. The songs display themselves in a visual form and then are sewn into the fabric.


Rapé is a shamanic medicine made from a blend of pulverized plants, typically mapacho as the main ingredient. It has been used for thousands of years by healers of the Amazon region. Rapé is said to help release spiritual, emotional and physical disease or blockage. It is traditionally used for many purposes such as re-aligning energy meridians, intensifying connection to self and to the universe and to release negativity and sickness.

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